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Batteries Expert stores are THE destination on the market for portable and alternative energy solutions. Batteries, small batteries, electric mobility, lighting, solar panels…the list could go on!

Solar energy: an up-and-coming sector

Véhicule Offgrid de Batteries Expert Remorque Offgrid de Batteries Expert

Batteries Expert also specializes in Off-grid solar-energy

Whether you’re after solar panels, charge controllers or 12V refrigerators, we offer a unique service that’s sought-after by both vanlife enthusiasts and OffGrid cottage owners.

Some of our franchisees even have their own OffGrid vehicle, which they use for their customers’ solar installation projects.

Like the idea of becoming a solar energy expert?

A turnkey opportunity to help you reach your goals faster and easier

Our different teams will be there for you every step of the way. Training, IT, advertising, merchandizing—you name it. All you have to do is find the right store location!

BE Academy


Becoming a battery expert may sound daunting, but don’t worry. We will help you reach your goals via our online training platform.

BE 360 Marketing Solutions


Our marketing team has just one mission: help you get the most out of your local market, while promoting the Batteries Expert brand on a national scale.

Front of a Batteries Expert store


The Batteries Expert team is made up of a wide variety of specialists who are there to help you. From strategic support to technical help, we have a team for each and every one of your needs.

A message from members of the Batteries Expert network

We are proud owners of 3 different Batteries Expert stores, all of which are located in different towns. We really appreciate all the support we receive from the franchisor, whether it’s for marketing, training or merchandizing. We’ve had help throughout every stage of the process, from the moment we purchased the franchises, right through to opening day. We continue to receive technical support on a wide variety of products.

Ginette Côté

Rivière-du-Loup Batteries Expert

It’s so rewarding helping people. Customers often come into my store with a problem and leave with a solution and a sense of satisfaction.

Simon Couture

Lac Mégantic Batteries Expert

We stay true to our corporate values

We have an endless reserve of Honesty
Respect is what keeps us grounded
We strive to spark Innovation
Our growth is energetic
Empowered by expansion

Social responsibility is an integral part of the Batteries Expert fabric

When you become a Batteries Expert franchisee, you become part of a network that works with organizations that make a difference in the lives of children and people suffering with mental health disorders.

Club CNCB Bolt
Leski Fondation
Shelves of Batteries Expert products Electric vehicles

The integrity and quality of our products set us apart

You can gage the overall performance of a battery by its weight. The heavier a battery is, the more material it contains that boosts its performance, longevity and reliability.

The Power of weight

That’s why we show the weight of our batteries on our packaging.

Electric vehicles

You’re an ideal candidate if you…

  • Want to contribute to a strong brand image
  • Want to follow a well-established business model that’s constantly evolving
  • Wish to receive support offered by the franchisor, while contributing to their goals for the future.
  • Are open to the idea of sharing and receiving feedback to help everyone grow together
  • Welcome new ideas and thrive in a team-driven environment
  • Take customer satisfaction seriously
  • Believe that the customer is at the heart of what you do
  • Are passionate about renewable and alternative energy
  • Are willing to make an initial investment of $150 000 (minimum)
Inside a Batteries Expert store Storefront of the Granby store
Map des territoires disponibles Map des territoires disponibles

Available territories

  • Saint-Georges
  • Saint-Constant
  • Sorel
  • Terrebonne
  • Mascouche
  • Boucherville
  • Lévis Ouest
  • Hull
  • Hochelaga (Mtl)
  • Ville Mont-Royal (Mtl)
  • Ville Saint-Laurent (Mtl)

Other territories are available!

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