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Batteries Expert’s unique concept is defined as THE One-Stop Energy Shop providing a large variety of portable and renewable energy product and service offerings to consumers, especially developed for a small to medium size business as the perfect stand-alone store or a valuable add-on to an existing enterprise of the same market segment.

Our mission, “Your satisfaction is ours!” represents Batteries Expert’s added value that consists of ensuring sustainable satisfaction through committed initiatives as well as innovative service and product offerings that meet the constantly growing demand for current and future consumers’ needs, thus differentiating us in the market as the experts in energy.

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You benefit from a third-generation family-run business operating for 50 years, that has established a recognized growing network of experts running over 70 Batteries Expert points of sale throughout Quebec and Ontario.

We continually strive to maintain and improve the efficiency of our operations through execution of initiatives and the best practices throughout Batteries Expert's network with respect of our mission, therefore ensuring a solid partnership.

We support you every step of the way in your mission to become an expert!

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